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June 6, 2020  To  June 6, 2020

Cuidado Corporal

Los mejores productos naturales para cuidar y mimar tu piel y cabello.

Cuidado Corporal

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Powder Tepezcohuite

Also called the Mayan Tree of skin.

Tepezcohuite bark contains a large amount of tannins, flavonoids, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium and minerals whose synergy of its components makes it the quintessential cell regenerator. Helps to maintain a healthy skin. 100% natural Tepezcohuite powder.

Net Weight: 40g.

P.V.P.R: 17,10€

Price €17.10


Ointment with a high concentration of Tepezcohuite and Aloe Vera enriched with vitamin A (helps to achieve a smooth and soft skin) and vitamin E (helps to blur scars, eliminate small pimples and blemishes). All these compounds in synergy maximize hydrating and regenerating characteristics, in addition to protecting against free radicals.

Presentation:  50ml.

P.V.P.R: 17,50€

Price €17.50

Tepezcohuite Body Cream

Emulsion made from Tepezcohuite and Aloe Vera extract, both recognized for their multiple skin benefits, including regeneration, maintenance of elasticity, hydration and skin firming. It provides a sensation of freshness and softness that remains all day. Easy absorption.

Does not contain parabens.

Presentation: 250ml.

P.V.P.R: 11,18€

Price €11.18

Tepezcohuite sunscreen

Ideal for preparing skin before sun exposure. Made from Tepezcohuite extract and Carrot Oil, it protects from sunlight and has antioxidant, moisturizing, nourishing and skin restructuring functions. In addition, carrot oil facilitates and enhances tanning, providing a natural and beautiful colour to your skin. Easy absorbing cream.

Does not contain parabens.

Presentation: 250ml.

P.V.P.R: 15,86€

Price €15.86